Don’t take my word for it! Read about the impact of my work from my clients!

“We have doubled our turnover in two consecutive years and we’ve seen a transformation to becoming a high performance culture”

“Before engaging Tamsen Garrie of Alpha Associates, we had a lot of talented individuals working in silos.  Previous approaches to improving team-work had resulted in a feel good factor, but our growth goals were making it more important than ever to demonstrate value so that significant changes followed through into the workplace and impacted on the bottom line.

I was introduced to Tamsen and was inspired by her profoundly audacious and novel perspective on developing a high-performance team and organisational culture.

Tamsen facilitated workshops for the team where together, we developed a collective shared vision and values that supported that vision.  The process included encouraging team members to identify their own individual vision and purpose and goals and roles, based on their strengths.  Individual team members also completed a process that identified their behavioural style, which resulted in personal revelations about what was important, valuable and challenging for them when working as part of a team.  This was then used as a way of addressing the fundamental issues around conflict in teams and how to improve team collaboration, which gave us a framework and a common language for pre-empting and resolving that conflict.

After three months, we saw deeper and more personal connectedness in the team, improved communication and a greater willingness to approach each other for help and to support, enhanced openness and preparedness to reveal when they felt challenged or had made a mistake, confident that they would be supported rather than penalised, significant improvement in collaborative working, increased energy and positivity about their work and a long-term perspective on their future with the team and the company.  Productivity increased significantly, the backlog of work reduced considerably and we reported ZERO unplanned absence and a 20% increase in revenue after the first quarter.

Since then, we have doubled our turnover in two consecutive years and we’ve seen a transformation to becoming a high performance culture.   We’ve also had a lot of fun along the way, celebrating our success!

Most impressive of Tamsens’ approach is the utilisation of the shared collective vision, values-driven behaviour and the enabling of sustainability of extraordinary results.  Tamsen delivers a myriad of custom programmes designed to maximise levels of engagement with every client, regardless of size and scope. Her process is challenging, illuminating, provocative and an undeniable prescription for breakthrough performance.

Two years on and Tamsen has become a trusted colleague within our business and I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough”.

Trevor Mapondera, CEO, Nurseline Healthcare

“Each session with Tamsen has resulted in a leap forward!”

“Tamsen and I have been business contacts since 2012 and I have always been impressed by both her business experience and her energy.  In early 2014 we identified that we had a significant opportunity for growth at Elation but I knew that without the right decision making and the right buy in from the team I would not achieve my goals. I thought immediately of bringing Tamsen on board to help.

Since that time Tamsen has run several sessions in the business, we have worked on a 1-2-1 basis to firm up my personal vision for the business. Tamsen has worked with the team to help them align themselves to my vision and ensure that they are driving the business forward with passion and she has also facilitated some great senior planning meetings.

Everyone in the business agrees that when Tamsen comes along things get done and each session has resulted in a leap forward. The size and profitability of my business has doubled since working with Tamsen and she is without doubt a part of our long term plans.

If being the best you can possibly be is important to you – ring Tamsen!”

Karen Dunne-Squire, Managing Director, Elation Sales

“I cannot recommend Tamsen highly enough for anyone who wants to grow their business”

“At the time I met Tamsen, I was very clear on my vision for my business, and had ‘dream’ goals, but lacked the master plan that was going to really give me the traction to move my business forward and nearer to my goals. I have been working with Tamsen for over a year now, and I can honestly say, that it has been invaluable for me and Women Mean Biz. Not only is she fabulous to work with, but Tamsen has assisted me with my overall business strategy and with making that plan come to life.

Her experience in operations has helped to shape the structure for the business and her expertise in Team Alignment has helped me to scale the business faster! Tamsen is a great support and a great mentor and I see her as an integral part of my team.  I cannot recommend Tamsen highly enough for anyone who wants to grow their business”.

Philippa Constable, Founder and Managing Director, Women Mean Biz and We Mean Biz

“I have huge respect for Tamsens business acumen and she has helped me and my company to develop and improve hugely.”

I run a small company with my husband and whereas he is all things technical I deal with everything else – so I wear many hats. Some well (Customer Service & operations) and some not so well! (Sales, Marketing and Financial).

I was first introduced to Tamsen by a mutual contact who said we would get along great! He wasn’t wrong!  I initially read her book on holiday and since then I have been inspired, cajoled, motivated, supported, driven, helped, directed, picked up, dusted off and pointed in the right direction again by the truly amazing Tamsen.  Her value is incredible.

Tamsen has really “got to know” my business, my team, my clients my values and has helped me shape and drive the business into a more solid and rounded entity.

We have worked on a one to one basis where we discuss current issues and then address how best to move forward, however always keeping an eye on the vision and goals to ensure we are headed in the right direction. Tamsens perspective on sometimes complex issues is fantastic – she can see the wood for the trees.

Tamsen has been a key figure on moving my role from one of operations to one of strategic leadership and this has been a huge leap for me. One that I now relish. Even recently Tamsen has introduced me to a key company that could help my vision become a reality.

I already recognise that my time with Tamsen has played a key role in my future and that of my business but on a personal level she is a mentor that I hugely rate and respect when I have met many that I would not give credit to ! She is the REAL DEAL and a joy to work with.

“Motivated for and focused on success we were able to achieve big results easily”

“In June I Iooked back at the past 6 months and wondered why my business hadn’t moved forward. Since working with Tamsen, we have achieved significant business success in a very short space of time.

With a clear vision my team & I knew where the business needed to be and with the right mindset, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and a plan, everyone knew what needed to happen and when. Motivated for and focused on success we were able to achieve big results easily”

Susan Fullbrook, Managing Director, P4P Compliance Management

“Tamsen has devised an amazing approach that really works when you trust in and invest in the process”

“As the newly appointed Bureau Manager, I was turned to, to make all final decisions on pretty much everything. Whilst the individuals working at the bureau are an amazing bunch of people and highly committed to caring for the members of the public, they were working very much as individuals, rather than as a team.  Nobody in the organisation was empowered to do anything very much and people had different takes on how things should be done and what their priorities were.

It was immediately clear to me that this was unstainable. Fortunately, I was already familiar with Tamsen’s Team Alignment approach and had seen first-hand, from working with her in the past, the incredible transformation that is possible.

Tamsen and I talked through the situation, including the culture and history of the organisation, the changing political and economic landscape, the resistance of some at the prospect of engaging an ‘external consultant’ and the context in which the work needed to be carried out.  The point here is that Tamsen’s approach is not a “one size fits all” and we worked together to tailor an approach which was appropriate.

The Team Vision Day was a very revealing experience for all.  People learned a lot about themselves and what made them tick and they came to understand what the characteristics and behaviours of an effective TEAM are.   Harnessing the ‘togetherness’ engendered during the workshop we very quickly got to a collective Vision for the Bureau, and to see the group then come up with a series of Culture statements for the organisation with the initial scepticism put aside was a joy to behold!

In the days immediately following the Vision day it was quite remarkable to observe people talking differently to one another and, significantly, really listening to one another – a greater level of mutual respect and co-operation was immediately evident.

If we had stopped there and done nothing else, the work with Tamsen would have been worthwhile.  But we didn’t. Over the coming weeks we held a separate workshop with a smaller group of people where goals were established and prioritised, activities defined and responsibility and accountability assigned to individuals.  The work began!

As a result of this work, I was able to move on from the bureau, having identified and appointed someone to a new Reception and Admin support role, enabling the ‘Management Team’ to focus their attention on managing and running the Bureau.

Before the Team Alignment work there was no Management TEAM.  There was me.  Now there are two managers in place (promoted from within), both with clearly defined responsibilities and with the confidence and competence to manage the day to day.

I would say to someone who considers their team is not working quite as they would want: have the conversation with Tamsen. You have nothing to lose and, quite probably, an awful lot to gain.  And, don’t be put off by any cynicism you hold or any that your ‘people’ may display.  Tamsen has devised an amazing approach that really works when you trust in and invest in the process.  In addition to this, she is an exceptional lady, able to establish rapport and get people working together and on board at all levels of the business!.

Nick Hutt, West Somerset Advice Bureau

“We are aware of her in-depth understanding of her ability to develop infrastructures to enable them to grow”

“Tamsen helped us to define our Vision for the business, create the business strategy, document our workflow and is now providing operational support, so that we can get on with developing the business. Having worked with Tamsen in a previous role, we are aware of her in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of a growing business and her ability to develop infrastructures to enable them to grow. We look forward to working with her in the future as we develop Fair Contracts UK Ltd into different regions and industries”.

Chas Jordan, Managing Director, Fair Contract UK

“The impact has been huge!”

“Tamsen has worked with Elation in several ways over the last year, most recently helping my colleague and I redefine our roles within the business, our objectives for the business and our interaction with each other.

Since joining Elation I have moved from a part-time intern through to Manager and now working directly alongside our MD. This has involved a lot of changes both to my job role and my working style: from having to be told what to do and how to do it to managing the MD.

Working with Tamsen has boosted this development massively and as soon as the session ended we saw the results directly helping the business. The changes in the business have all been small, really easy to implement and have caused no disruption at all, but the impact has been huge! I now I have a really targeted approach to everything I do, taking ownership of it all, and the business has a really clear and achievable growth plan.

Without working with Tamsen we’d still be moving forward, but the path would be a lot longer and a lot rougher. I can’t recommend Tamsen’s work enough!”

Robin Mason, Co-Creator, Elation Sales

“The work has enabled a consistent doubling every year for 3 years on the trot”

“Tamsen has the rare ability to hold 4 elements in clear focus when interacting with people: 1, The organisation’s needs, 2, the person’s skills and attributes, 3, where these best fit, and importantly 4, what gaps need developing to get best performance. With her unusually good rapport building skills she is able to effortlessly work with these factors in a single conversation. The results are seriously impressive and have been instrumental in enabling a consistent doubling of 4Networking every year for 3 years on the trot”.

Tim Johnson, Director of Strategy, 4Networking Ltd

“Tamsen allowed positivity to reign in the organisation”

“Tamsen is superb at creating (and managing!) high performing teams. Using an open, inclusive and supportive style, motivation was by the carrot, not the stick, method: guiding, focusing on success and steering where things needed changing. If something wasn’t right, you always had an idea how to make it better: we were never left out on a limb. Tamsen allowed positivity to reign in the organisation and sees that the human element of business is what drives everything”.

Rob Williams, Managing Director, The Car Phone Company

“Tamsen is able to resolve difficult issues professionally and with minimal conflict”

“Tamsen has a great way of engaging with people and making them feel valued and special.  Her style for encouraging people to take action is excellent and she is able to resolve difficult issues professionally and with minimal conflict”.

Chris Battye, Stratega Performance Management Ltd

“The work has created a happier and more efficient working environment for all”

“People issues have always been a challenge for us and one particular lady who is very good in telesales has been a great challenge not just to me but to the rest of the team. With guidance and support from Tamsen, I have been able to communicate much better with her and teach the team how to work with her.  This has created a happier and more efficient working environment for all”.

Tom Lawrence, TLC Business Supplies

“Recommending Tamsen is easy, I wish we had her input several years ago”

“I was fortunate to be able to work alongside Tamsen on a project. Her reputation for getting the best out of people went before her.  It was privilege to work along side Tamsen and see her motivational skills in action. Post project Tamsen has supported me and advised on various projects. Her understanding of our needs in taking on new challenges was spot on. The combination of business knowledge linked to an understanding of the individuals needs has been inspiring. Without her guidance on things that I needed to do then the gains in company achievements would not have been possible.

Recommending Tamsen is easy, I wish we had her input several years ago”.

Angus Grady, Customeyes Research

“I hope to work with Tamsen again in the near future”

“Tamsen is one of the most engaging and truly warm people I have met since starting my own business. She listens, really understands and is willing to offer support, advice but most of all encourage others to take action.

I was fortunate to work with Tamsen on some very insightful team exercises which demonstrated clearly her real insight into people dynamics and her true passion and expertise. I hope to work with her again in the near future”.

Clive Mulligan, Simply Consulting

“Working with Tamsen achieved lasting changes in the way I looked at things and people”

“Tamsen is a thorough professional. She is highly perceptive, works well with people, has an excellent product and possesses tremendous integrity. I found that working with her not only focussed me in key areas but also achieved lasting changes in the way I looked at things and people.

Tamsen is not only a great ‘people-person’ she can bring that ability to deliver tangible business results. Without hesitation, I recommend Tamsen”.

Ivan Newman, Living Inside The Brand